Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time to check in!  August has been one busy month and honestly I felt as if I was barely treading water more than once.  I am still unsure how to keep up with homeschooling 12th, 10th, 7th, and Kindergartener. Directing Challenge A for my son's class, which maxed out at 12 students, teaching MFW Ancient History and Literature with Bible, Logic and Latin to my older two students and 2 of their friends, and managing to successfully teach kindergarten is extremely daunting so let's just throw a few other responsibilities into the mix: teach toddlers Sunday school, Lead a life group and new believers ministries with my husband, teach a bible study for our women's ministry, and somehow manage our homefront.  This year feels like I'm juggling a few full time jobs.  I don't want to sound grumbly and full of complaints, so I'll just get right on with my summer projects list.
  1. Purchase school curriculum and pay all fees for Classical Conversations. (to be delivered to our foundations direct upon her return from vacation).
  2. Prepare a month of menus for breakfast, lunch and supper that concentrate on whole foods but are family friendly (This one took a couple of hours but it's done and saved in one-note and Excel). Yay!
  3. Use freezer cooking methods to restock the freezer for the school year. (So far I have sloppy joes, cranberry chicken, prebrowned hamburger, meatballs, and crockpot fajitas completed but with every meal I am trying to double or triple it and freeze the others)
  4. Prepare for this school year
  5. set up weekly assignment files
  6. photocopies made and filed (and was able to turn quite a few books into pdf's thanks to my hubs help).
  7. props and room decorations, bulletin boards and science board (Our Calendar and morning meeting board, the alphabet, and our world map are on the walls, I know there are other things to add but this gets us started!) 
  8. supplies purchased
  9. schedules and routines in order and ready. (Everything on excel and seems to be going well but now it's time to put it to the test. CC starts this Tuesday which means adding in more than just the calendar/meeting time and our MFW kindergarten lesson for my youngest)
  10. Transform family room from storage room to classroom (check out this post to see this work in progress -
  11. Prepare lesson plans for my four students at home (this will remain a week's at a time job)
  12. Prepare for Challenge A: watching webinars and the portal and tweaking lesson plans (all the "get ready for" webinars have been viewed, trainings have been attended, and preliminaries are finished)
  13. Prepare for July's wedding (I'm a bridesmaid).
  14. Prepare for July's trip to the General Assembly (for my husband's work).
  15. Clean up in and around our house - major declutter for us. (didn't manage to get this completed but our family room is usuable for school this year!)
  16. Clean out the garage.
  17. Clean out closets, drawers, cabinets. (finished the boys closets, my closet and Mike's but now I don't know if anyone could even tell!)
  18. File home office paper work pile (whittled this down all the way down, no wait ANOTHER pile? Is the paper pile truly never ending?)
  19. Dentist, Vision, Physicals - make these appointments for family members starting with my own!
  20. Plan Mike and my monthly date nights for the new year.
  21. Organize photos on laptop
This leaves four projects incomplete that will be have to be completed Fly Lady style in fifteen minute increments or start next summer's list!