Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fit or Fat For Forty Flops!

Back in April I felt so determined to shed all the extra pounds that have been accumulating mostly around my middle. Since it's now almost October you can guess - I fell off the wagon. :(

On April 27th, five horrendous tornadoes ripped through our town putting everyone in a tailspin.  My local church joined with the Salvation Army and went into action.  Everything fell to the wayside as our focus was to just help our neighbors through this devastation.  Everything including my diet.  I lost a total of 12 pounds and have been successful at keeping 10 of it off my hips!  Still wondering how in the world manual labor plus heat + tons of water equals maintaining the same weight but I dare not complain.  My house is still standing intact! 

So I guess I need a new goal.  I still have about 60 powdered "meals"  to reconstitute and enjoy!  Maybe it's that thought that keeps me from diving back in.  I really did like the program while I was walking through it, and of course it helped to have a friend and her husband encouraging me towards success.  My husband, even though he winced at the price weight loss was costing his wallet, was also very supportive.   Not completely sure he would be gung-ho to fork out another months supply but then again neither am I. 

It looks like it's back to the old fashioned work following the more sweat and less food method!  Nothing worth it comes easy, right?  It took 3 babies and plenty of cupcakes to get into this shape so what makes me think I can blink and see my 25 year old skinny reflection staring back at me?  Time to dust off the tread meal, oops I meant treadmill, dig out the water bottle and buy less sugary processed foods!

I'll let you know how it goes!