Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mile Long Projects List

I mentioned in a previous post that my summer time projects list seems to stretch further than a highway mile when you're in a hurry.  Some tasks are long over due projects that need attention, but most are new ideas, thoughts and plans for this coming homeschool year.  By accomplishing as many tasks on my list as possible my hope is when fall approaches and it's time to get back in the groove of school it will be a seamless transition.

 Projects To Start and Finish List

  1. Purchase school curriculum and pay all fees for Classical Conversations.
  2. Prepare a month of menus for breakfast, lunch and supper that concentrate on whole foods but are family friendly (This one took a couple of hours but it's done and saved in one-note and Excel). Yay!
  3. Use freezer cooking methods to restock the freezer for the school year. 
  4. Prepare for this school year
    1. set up weekly assignment files
    2. photocopies made and filed
    3. props and room decorations, bulletin boards and science board
    4. supplies purchase
    5. schedules and routines in order and ready.
  5. Transform family room from storage room to classroom
  6. Prepare lesson plans for my four students at home
  7. Prepare for Challenge A: watching webinars and the portal and tweaking lesson plans
  8. Prepare for July's wedding (I'm a bridesmaid).
  9. Prepare for July's trip to the General Assembly (for my husband's work).
  10. Clean up in and around our house - major declutter for us.
    1. Clean out the garage.
    2. Clean out closets, drawers, cabinets.
    3. File home office paper work pile
  11. See our life group's service project to completion - a mini extreme makeover for one of our group members. (Our life group is one of the small groups our local church provides for people to connect, encourage and support each other).
  12. Dentist, Vision, Physicals - make these appointments for family members starting with my own!
  13. Plan Mike and my monthly date nights for the new year.
  14. Organize photos on laptop

Time to break it down and plow through the tasks to get this done ASAP. My curriculum is purchased for the most part and I know what I want to happen during the school year. My menu is nicely typed into an excel spreadsheet and I've began to cook a few meals for the freezer. School starts in August so follow along if you're interested or just want to encourage another mom, namely me! 

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