Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mile Long Project #10: Check

With a summer's projects list a mile long I've waited much later than I probably should but with your encouragement I'll continue to cross out the projects until the list is complete.  My month of menus is complete and I've been able to freezer cook while prepping for the evening meal.  My freezer meal list so far consists of 3 meals of sloppy Joe filling, 2 meals of crock pot fajita filling, one meal of cranberry chicken, and 1 quart size bag of cooked chicken breast (just enough to add to stir fry or chicken fried rice).

This week will be preempted by project number 13.  My friend's wedding is this coming Saturday and since I am one of her bridesmaids that means I get a manicure, a pedicure and my hair done all in the same week! I have to go pick up my shoes, and buy the jewelry set we are all wearing. My husband is performing the ceremony, my Chris is handing out programs, and my Jeff is helping to film.  This is a family affair, even my Tim was suppose to sing in the children's ensemble but his stage fright got the better of him so finding a babysitter is now imperative.  I will try and convince my friend to let the bridesmaids take her out for dinner on Thursday night or to my house for a low-key girls night.  She is very stubbornly saying no on this. 

Last week I spent most of my extra time transforming the unused family room/storage room into a school room.  The room was floor to ceiling furniture with my dining room furniture, a twin bedroom suite, bookshelves, storage cabinets, tables, and lots of boxes and junk.  I so wish I had taken a picture, well maybe not as it would have been embarrassing.  I did however take some photos of the process.  The room is small for my four students so it's a little crowded but who's complaining I have a school room! 

one corner of our classroom including a game table turned computer desk
and my dining room buffet server transformed into our command center! 
On these walls will hang our calendar, our morning meeting board, a dry erase board, our history timeline, our Classical Conversations memory board, and whatever else I need to display. Planning what hangs on the walls is much more fun than clearing out the room and arranging the furniture! Our mini tramp and exercise ball will need to find a more out of the way home but as an experienced mom of boys I know there will be many days that that ball will be our chair and the trampoline our floor!   Next to our time line, just outside of the picture stands our supply cabinet. It is chocked full of math manipulatives, science materials, teaching props and fun learning tools.
the opposite corner of our classroom, this will be where most of
kindergarten and fun takes place. 
On the long walls of my room stand my Grandmother's china cabinet (I can't bear to part with it but I don't have a dining room) and opposite is our 3 bookcases housing our library, complete with storybook characters to listen to us read and first edition Nancy Drew mysteries that held much too much nostalgia to pass on to someone else, after all they were my grandmothers.
<><> <><> <><>
Storage for games, arts and craft supplies,
fine arts curriculum, and media.

<><> <><>
Three bookshelves designate Pre-K/K,
youth books, and mom's books
The plastic drawers hold mostly office, art and school supplies.  These will transfer to the china cabinet and then maybe using these for our workboxes again. We used these when Tim was three and then a bookshelf with baskets when he was four.  I also considering doing a work folders system instead of boxes, after all there are 4 students using this room plus one mom. The verdict is still out on this for now but I better hurry because school supplies are on sale now!
In the center of the room I have placed my desk/table and a white resin banquet table in an L shape.  My chair is on the inside of the L and then chairs are on the outside of the L for my boys.  I still have a table full of papers, supplies and miscellaneous stuff to sort through before this room is ready for our eager or not so eager learners.

From this angle you can also see our supply cabinet and side door.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our little space.  As this project winds down it makes room for the next.  Next in line: getting those bulletin boards, props and decorations ready for the start of a very busy year or maybe organizing all my pins on my CC Cycle 1 board and Kindergarten boards into my weekly file folders.  
I'm not all that sure if following along on my mile high projects list is the most exciting posts recently but it sure makes me feel some accountability during this crunch time.  Do you have a list of projects you're working on?  Here is my updated accountability list so fill free to leave a comment or a link to your own mile long summer projects list.  

  1. Prepare a month of menus for breakfast, lunch and supper that concentrate on whole foods but are family friendly (This one took a couple of hours but it's done and saved in one-note and Excel). Yay!
  2. Use freezer cooking methods to restock the freezer for the school year.
  3. Purchase school curriculum and pay all fees for Classical Conversations.
  4. Prepare for this school year
  5. set up weekly assignment files
  6. photocopies made and filed
  7. props and room decorations, bulletin boards and science board
  8. supplies purchase
  9. schedules and routines in order and ready.
  10. Transform family room from storage room to classroom
  11. Prepare lesson plans for my four students at home
  12. Prepare for Challenge A: watching webinars and the portal and tweaking lesson plans
  13. Prepare for July's wedding (I'm a bridesmaid).
  14. Prepare for July's trip to the General Assembly (for my husband's work).
  15. Clean up in and around our house - major declutter for us.
  16. Clean out the garage so we can walk around in there.
  17. Clean out closets, drawers, cabinets.
  18. File home office paper work pile
  19. See our life group's service project to completion - a mini extreme makeover for one of our group members. (Our life group is one of the small groups our local church provides for people to connect, encourage and support each other).
  20. Dentist, Vision, Physicals - make these appointments for family members starting with my own!
  21. Plan Mike and my monthly date nights for the new year.
  22. Organize photos on laptop

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